Details of what happened at the self-management meeting and the Russian delegation in “Qamishlo” about deployment in Derek villages

Self-administration in "Qamishlo" reveals what happened in their meeting with the Russian delegation: Russia apologizes for its recent entry into the villages of Derek

Sorxin Resul –

The Derek countryside witnessed, on the 3rd of this month, a quarrel between the American forces and the Russian forces, as the American forces intercepted the road of the Russian forces for about an hour and a half, amid a complete closure of the road.

Villagers protested the entry of Russian forces, which exacerbated the matter, and “Afram Isaac”, joint head of Qamishlo province, explained the main reason for this dispute “Xeber24”, after which local councils held a meeting with a Russian delegation to discuss these problems that Effects Kurdish and Syrian streets in North And eastern Syria.

“Afram Isaac”

Ishaq added that the Russian delegation called for providing assistance to some villages that suffer due to the economic crisis in Syria as a whole: “The Russians saw that in some villages their living conditions are difficult, and they want to help them, and we emphasized that any assistance that is distributed must be through local councils, ie councils As far as this is concerned, we will not accept the entry of Russian forces into any area without coordination with the district council to be entered.

And Isaac continued: “We have audited the issue of military appearances so that when distributing aid, the number of the elements should be so small that their number does not exceed two or three people on their part, and without armed appearances or armored vehicles only the truck that carries the aid that will be delivered to the district council and from there the distribution will take place, Military deployment was unacceptable. ”

Issac pointed out that the Russian delegation confirmed that they were wrong when entering the villages of Derek: “They emphasized that their entry into the city of “Derek” and “Gel Aga” was wrong, and that they were not aware of the administrative divisions and the official way of dealing, and we also confirmed that even the United Nations organizations distribute Aid through our councils.

And on the Russian promises of self-administration, Isaac said: “As for the Russian promises of self-administration officially, there are no agreements between self-administration and the Russians except on the military issue after the Ras Al-Ain war there was an agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Russians to deploy Russian forces and the Syrian regime on the borders Turkish-Syrian, there are only military agreements between the self-administration and the Russians.

Translation: Selava Omar

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