The Self-Administration volunteer emergency army succeeds in preventing the occurrence of fires in the crops of citizens in northern Syria

Sorkhin Resul –

An army of volunteers has deployed to the north and east of Syria, creating road barriers, and blocking many roads to facilitate movement control to reduce the risk of fire between farmers’ lands.

Indeed, the Army of Volunteers, called the Community Protection Forces, has succeeded in the Democratic Self-Administration, who carry out guard duties during crises, unrest, and military attacks.

With the start of the harvest season, the community protection forces deployed on the road linking the cities of Hasaka and Qamishlo, as a precautionary step to protect agricultural crops and to avoid the outbreak of artificial fires in the regions of northeastern Syria during the current season 2020.

Nearly 40,000 members of the Community Protection Forces, Asayish and Rescue Forces volunteered.

Abdel Hamid Mohamed Latif, a volunteer in the community protection forces, told the “Xeber 24 ″reporter:” Last year a lot of fires were invented and damaged the farmers and agricultural crops. From this standpoint, we, the community protection forces, the Asayish forces and the rescue forces, launched a voluntary campaign to protect these lands.

He added: “Every 200 meters or 300 meters, there will be a point consisting of two people to monitor agricultural crops. In the event of a fire, we will inform the fire brigade forces. We have wireless devices with which we communicate to report any emergency.”

The Community Protection Forces work to monitor agricultural crops in their areas 24 hours a day, in particular agricultural fields located near the Syrian-Turkish border, in coordination with the patrols of the Internal Security Forces in northeastern Syria and with the firefighting cadres in the area.

In a related context, on May 4, the self-administration in northeastern Syria, as a security measure, formed an emergency committee with the aim of coordinating with farmers and the safe forces in the self-management areas to protect agricultural crops from fires and to prevent the recurrence of the scenario of last year 2019.

The fires devoured thousands of hectares of land planted with agricultural crops (wheat and barley) in various regions of northern and eastern Syria last year 2019, which were fabricated by pro-Turkish factions.

The volunteer army “Society Protection Forces” was established in the years 2014 and 2015 during the attacks of ISIS operatives on the towns, cities and villages of Rojava Kurdistan, North and East Syria to protect property as self-defense and has evolved in recent years to protect agricultural lands and protect the outskirts of cities and villages in cases Emergency and attacks.

Translation: Selava Omar

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