Washington and Baghdad agree to reduce US forces in Iraq in the coming months

Selava Omar –

Media sources said that the US and Iraqi governments announced today, Friday, June 12, in a joint statement, after the launch of their “strategic dialogue”, that the United States “will continue to reduce” its military presence in Iraq “in the coming months.”

The governments of the two countries said in the statement that “in light of the significant progress made towards eliminating the threat of ISIS, the United States will continue in the coming months to reduce the number of its forces in Iraq,” according to the French News Agency.

And Thursday, the first session of negotiations between Baghdad and Washington, was launched within the framework of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue to reach an agreement regulating relations between the two countries.
The Iraqi team is represented by five negotiators, who are Abdul Karim Hashem, Hareth Hassan, Luqman Al-Faili, Farid Yassin, Hamid Khalaf, all of whom are personalities without a minister’s rank, and were nominated by resigned Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi during the past two months.

As for the American team, it consists of five personalities: American Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tooler, David Schenker, US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, Joy Hood, First Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, David Copley, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Iraq for the Near East Affairs Office At the US Department of State, and Francis Fanon, Assistant Secretary of State for Energy.
It is noteworthy that the relations between the two countries have improved since Al-Kazemi assumed the presidency of the Iraqi government last month, to mark a new chapter in the relations between Iraq and the United States after the exit of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

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