Self-management launches the process of collecting and recording data for residents of Al-Hol camp with the aim of improving the situation

Beritan Tello –

The Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria today issued a statement to the public opinion, through which it revealed the beginning of the process of recording data and records for residents of Al-Hol camp.

The text of the statement said: “The self-administration of northern and eastern Syria and its commitment to contribute and continue to establish international peace and security through the Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces and in partnership with the international coalition will undertake a process of identifying and recording data and information of women from the wives of ISIS members who call themselves migrant women in Al-Hol camp, which is the most dangerous camp in the world, due to the large number of ISIS affiliates and their children, this measure comes as a commitment from us in fulfilling our responsibilities in controlling security, as well as to prevent terrorist acts in the region and the countries of the world.

The statement added, “The collection of the necessary data comes to improve the living and human conditions inside the Al-Hol camp, as well as to inform the mother countries of the camp residents and invite them to carry out their duties in providing the necessary support, as well as finding an appropriate solution to the complex situation in the camp mentioned with the presence of huge numbers of women And children.

The Self-Administration said at the end of its statement, “In this context, the Self-Administration and its competent military and security apparatus are committed to respecting human rights, international covenants and covenants, and therefore the process of gathering information inside the camp will be carried out according to the applicable laws and without resorting to coercion against any of the camp’s residents of different nationalities.”

Translation: Selava Omar

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