The General Command of SDF: We will continue our military campaign against ISIS until the completion of the full mission entrusted to us

Laila Muhammed –

The leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces made it clear during a statement issued to the public today, Friday, that the campaign launched against the cells of the terrorist organization ISIS in both the cities of Hasaka and Deir Al-Zor will continue until the completion of the entire task entrusted to them, as I spoke in its statement about the latest developments of the military campaign.

In its statement, the General Command of Qasd said, “ISIS attacks have increased in the recent period, which poses a real threat to the safety, security and stability of people.”

The General Command stressed that after investigations and information gathering, and in cooperation with the international coalition forces to combat terrorism and coordination with the Iraqi army, “our forces began a campaign (deterring terrorism) to pursue and track ISIS terrorist cells in the eastern Badia along the Khabour River and the Syrian-Iraqi border.”

The general leadership of SDF explained that this campaign “will target ISIS’s dens and hideouts, which are a source of concern to the people and work to disturb security and stability in the region and constitute a threat that threatens the return of ISIS.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces indicated at the end of its statement that the “Deterrence of Terrorism” campaign that our forces started with the international coalition is proceeding well, achieving good results so far, and will continue until the completion of the task assigned to it.

Translation: Selava Omr

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