Special: The official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces reveals to “Xeber24” the areas covered by the ongoing military campaign and its aim

Sorkhin Resul –

The Syrian Democratic Forces launched a massive joint military operation with the international coalition against ISIS cells in eastern Syria, at dawn today, Thursday 4 June, as part of activities to combat ISIS cells in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, reaching the Iraqi border.

“Kino Gebrael,” a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, told “Xeber 24”: “This operation is a continuation of the previous military operations carried out by the SDF alongside the international coalition, in order to eliminate the hiden cells of ISIS, neutralize these cells and end their danger.” From the regions of northeastern Syria, and restore security and safety to the region in a way that supports the efforts of the self-administration and the international alliance and the return of normalcy to its areas after the liberation of the region from the terrorist organization ISIS.

And Gabreal added, “This campaign comes in implementation of the decision of the General Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces at its meeting held last month in order to launch a wide campaign against hiden cells not only in the border areas, but in the entire north of Syria, and today one of these stages has begun, which is the border region Between Iraq and Syria in particular, from the southern region of Hasaka, to the Euphrates River, and these operations, of course, involve counter-terrorism units and various military groups and are supported by the international coalition in order to detect and eliminate sleeper cells and to prevent any terrorist operations from before them in the future and achieve good results.

It is worth noting that ISIS cells are active in separate areas of eastern Syria, and are working to attack military points and civilian homes, in conjunction with the international coalition’s continued implementation of airdrops, targeting leaders and militants in the ranks of the organization.

ISIS has been active recently in Iraq and Syria, and it has broadcast its new edition of the Province of Sham Al-Khair – under the title “The Sense of Exhaustion,” in which scenes of the leader of the organization “Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi” appeared as he vowed more bombs and operations, and this long release and collected For all of his operations, he confirms that he remains under the ground and still has dozens of sleeper cells in all Syrian lands, and he can return quickly if he has the opportunity.

Translation: Selava Omar

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