SDF and America are building schools for the Syrians .. and the Russians are turning them into military headquarters, as is happening now in Derek

Brusk Hassan –

The United States of America is trying to provide humanitarian aid to the displaced Syrians as well as to the camps, it also provides some assistance to the areas of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor and encourages civil and relief organizations to do their duty in areas damaged by infrastructure.

In addition, America determines in its program and annual budget “tens of millions” of dollars to support civil and relief organizations and support the Syrian Democratic Forces to fight terrorism in northern and eastern Syria, contrary to what Russia is doing to destroy and plunder Syrian wealth without spending even a penny on the Syrian people and on Its infrastructure that participated in its destruction.

Although the Russians, since the first day, were the regime’s partners in destroying the Syrian people, they never announced any aid to the Syrian people, and they have no relief or civil organizations in Syria and the Syrian north, and Russia only has troops and Wagner mercenaries, and they plunder Syrian wealth and buy ports and institutions Syrian trade and exploitation of the deteriorating economic situation in the country and the seizure of public Syrian property.

This is not what the Democratic Forces of Syria and the United States of America built and scorned for the Syrian people and Russia is converting them to military headquarters.

America, when it established a military base in eastern Hasaka, bought lands or rented from the owner of the land and never seized it, unlike the Russian forces taking over the schools that were built by the self-administration and with the support and assistance of the international coalition and America, and turning them into headquarters, as happened today in the Derek countryside.

A “Xeber24” reporter said, , that the Russian forces entered the vicinity of “Qasr Al-Deeb” village, east of the city of Dirk in Rojava, northeastern Syria, even though the people refused their presence.

Our reporter confirmed that the Russian forces are now stationed next to the “Qasr Al-Deeb” village school and several armored vehicles arrived at the village at night.

It should be noted that Tsarist Russia, about “400” years ago, was dreaming of just dreaming to set foot on the coasts of the Black Sea, and for that reason, bloody wars against the Ottoman Empire, the British, and the French were unsuccessful.

Translation: Selava Omar

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