German police attack a Kurdish family in Herne and claim that they were aggressive

Beritan Tello – – “Agencies”

Protests continue in the United States of America against police violence against civilians, and this time the German police attacked a Kurdish family in the city of Herne.

On May 29, the Yeni Ozgur Politika newspaper reported that the German police beat the two OKY and the Tarzan Klitsch, and although there was no resistance against the police, they attacked the two brothers with pepper spray and batons.

Clich told the newspaper that the police attacked them without asking them or asking them anything.

Clich said that on that day a conflict occurred between his sister and her son, who in turn tried to resolve this dispute, but to no avail, then they called the police to resolve the dispute, and when the police arrived they went out to receive them but the police began to attack them.

The police are said to have claimed that Clich was aggressive, but the scenes showed false allegations to the police.

Translation: Selava Omar

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