“Saleh Kedo” reveals to “Xeber24” the latest developments of the Kurdish-Kurdish talks in Syria

Kajin Ahmed –

The first phase of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue ended in Rojava, Kurdistan-North and East Syria, several days ago, amid political statements from both sides that bode well for these meetings, which resulted in success and agreement between the two parties politically, and the continuation of the second phase of the dialogue very soon.

In this context, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Left Party in Syria, Mr. Saleh Kedo, stated in a special statement to “Xeber 24” that “the first stage of the dialogue between the PYD and the Kurdish National Council ENKS ended successfully after three meetings between the two parties.”

“Kedo” emphasized that “the meetings that took place in the first stage took place during many discussions, and resulted in agreement and understandings on more than 5” political points, “which “Kedo” did not disclose during his speech.

He pointed out that “the second stage of the dialogue was supposed to start ten days ago, but the American side told us that the Kurdish National Council is calling for the postponement of these meetings for a period, and that they have a visit to the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”

“The delegation of the Kurdish National Council returned from the region 3 days ago, and we hope that the follow-up to the meetings in the framework of the second phase will be carried out very soon,” Kedo said.

Kedo stressed, “There is no retreat from this path, hoping that the dialogue will continue in the second stage, according to the supreme interest of the Kurdish people, and under the slogan of failure in this project.”

Kedo concluded, saying, “Victory for Kurdish unity.”

It is worth noting that the Kurdish political scene in West Kurdistan recently witnessed a breakthrough in the tense situation between the Kurdish political parties, especially after General Mazloum Abdi, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, launched a project for the unity of the Kurdish class. International support in this regard.

Translation: Selava Omar

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