After the horrific crime against “Parch Jacan” .. Turkish police carried out violence against a Syrian sheep herder “in video”

Beritan Tello –

A video spread, today, Tuesday, showing the beatings of Turkish police officers, a Syrian shepherd in the Turkish “ceylanpinar tigem” area, hours after the horrific crime against a young Kurdish man in Turkey, as a result of listening to a Kurdish song with his colleagues.

The video spread on the communication sites widely, as broadcast by some Turkish opposition channels, and many of the tweeters commented on the video, considering it more like “torture with official sponsorship.”

The Turkish deputy for the city of Chanli Urfa, Aisha Sorgio, southeastern Turkey, commented on the video that had been published and said: “Torture and humiliation has moved to Tijim so far, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture in Urfa.”

“A shepherd is being beaten … Torture has become legalized under the Justice and Development government,” added Aisha Suryo, within the opposition People’s Democratic Party, the author, in a Tweet on her Twitter account yesterday evening.

It is noteworthy that many videos circulate from time to time, showing some Turkish police or border guards are exposed to Syrian citizens.

It is worth noting that the border between Turkey and Syria is constantly witnessing shootings by the Turkish border guards, towards those whom it considers to be infiltrators, and sometimes Syrian civilians fall victim to it.

Translation: Selava Omar

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