Trump announces the postponement of the G7 summit to September and seeks to invite other countries

Laila Muhammed –

US President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the Group of Seven summit scheduled for June in the United States until next September, indicating that he seeks to invite other countries, including Russia, to this meeting.

Trump said, yesterday evening, Saturday, in a press statement, that he wants to postpone the summit of the Group of Seven major countries from late June, indicating that he hopes to hold it during the month of September.

Trump stated that he wants to invite to this summit Russia, India, Australia and South Korea, which are not part of the Group of Seven, indicating that he is willing to do so in order to discuss the issue of China during the meeting.

The American President considered that the Group of Seven countries in their current form represent an “outdated group”, indicating that they do not sufficiently reflect the current developments in the world.

Translation: Selava Omar

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