The Battle of Tripoli … mutual bombing between the Libyan National Army and Al-Wefaq militia

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Media sources reported that mutual artillery shelling in the “Abu Salim” area south of Tripoli yesterday evening Saturday between the Libyan National Army and “Al-Wefaq” militia.

This comes as a cautious calm prevails in the Ramla and other areas surrounding the airport, after clashes that tended it up in favor of the Libyan army forces, which repelled an attack by al-Wefaq forces and caused heavy losses to them.

And the Libyan army yesterday resulted in the downing of a Turkish drone of the Al-Wefaq Brigades near Bani Walid in the west of the country, and announced the killing one of a leader of the “Sultan Murad” faction, backed by Turkey, south of Tripoli.

This comes at a time when Tripoli is witnessing renewed rounds of clashes between the government-backed by Turkey and the Libyan army, amid international calls to calm and return to dialogue and stop external interference, and European warnings of a repeat of “Syria’s scenario in the Libyan conflict.”

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