A demonstrator was killed in shooting during the American city of “Indianapolis” protests

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

A person was killed in a shooting attack on protesters in the American city of Indianapolis, on Sunday, in protest against the killing of an African-American man named “George Floyd” by a policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Because of the spread of demonstrations and violence, the American authorities announced a curfew in several cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Nashville, in an attempt to contain the riots, and fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrations in the city of Minneapolis.

Officials in about 10 cities fear an increase in violence, after protests over the murder of Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police this week sparked outrage and protests against police abuse of African Americans.

Cars and police stations were burned in New York, Dallas, Atlanta and others, and a demonstration was held for hours in front of the White House.

It is reported that the United States has witnessed during the past days the worst nights of civil unrest in decades.

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