The Libyan National Army announces the shooting down of Turkish aircraft marching south of the capital “Tripoli”

Kajin Ahmad – Xeber24.net – “Agencies”

The Libyan National Army announced today, Saturday evening, that three Turkish planes were shot down near the city of “Bani Walid”, which is about 180 km from the capital, southwest, while trying to raid civilian sites in the city.

The Military Media Division assured the army, during a statement, that “air defense platforms shot down three Turkish planes.”

The statement said, “The air defense targeted a Turkish airliner in the early hours of Saturday morning and was able to shoot it down near the city of Bani Walid.”

He added, that the platforms “targeted two drones that tried to raid civilian sites in the city of “Bani Walid” during the past hours of Saturday evening, and air defense platforms were able to shoot them down.”

It is worth noting that Turkey continues to supply the forces of the Al-Sarraj government with Turkish-made weapons, ammunition and drones, despite all international calls that have demanded directly from Turkey to stop supplying arms, mercenaries and militants to Libya.

Translation: Selava Omar

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