Protests escalated and reaching the White House … and the death of a person by an unidentified vehicle

Laila Muhammed –

Hundreds of people demonstrated in America, expressing their anger after the killing of the African-American citizen George Floyd, in whose name the media in the country were buzzed, while the police arrested him and used violence against him, to reach the protests in front of the White House.

On the other hand, local American media reported the death of one person, and the arrest of 40 others during the protests in the American city of Detroit.

The Detroit News newspaper quoted local police chief James Craig as saying that a person had died after an unidentified man opened fire from a car in a large crowd of protesters. The police do not know who shot, but confirm that he was not a police officer.

Violent confrontations erupted between American protesters and police during a demonstration in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to protest the killing of an African-American man upon his arrest by the police.

There was widespread anger in the United States of America after a video clip circulated showing the man screaming and crying, saying repeatedly before his death: “I cannot breathe”, while a police officer presses his knee on his back and neck in an attempt to secure him to the ground, until he suffocates and dies.

Traslation: Selava Omar

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