The Libyan army bombed “Al-Wifaq” sites east of Misurata, and fighting was escalating south of Tripoli

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Media sources said that Libyan army fighters had attacked, at dawn today, Friday, sites of Al-Wefaq militia in the Abu Qurain axis, east of Misrata.

The fighting between the Libyan army forces and the Al-Wefaq government militia escalated on Thursday in a number of axes south of the capital, Tripoli, as the Libyan army’s defenses managed to shoot down a Turkish suicide plane.

Heavy weapons clashes also erupted between the parties to the conflict in the axes of Ramleh, Ain Zara, Wadi Al-Rabi` and Al-Khalatat, south of Tripoli, a day after the Libyan army took control of the charisma axis and advanced towards the airport axis, while military sources talked about the movement of several military brigades and air defense systems towards the city of Misrata.

In addition, eyewitnesses talked about the sounds of clashes with heavy weapons and artillery, in the southern neighborhoods of the capital, as others pointed to an intense flight of Turkish aircraft flying over the Libyan capital.

According to Al-Arabiya network, violent clashes between the Libyan army forces and militias affiliated with the Al-Wefaq government backed by Syrian mercenaries were renewed, and were concentrated in the areas of Wadi al-Rabi`, Ain Zara, Airport Road and Ramleh, after a lull witnessed during the early morning hours.

Artillery shelling in Wadi Al-Rabiea exchanged between the Libyan army and Al-Wefaq factions after its attempt to attack army positions in the area southeast of Tripoli, while continued reinforcements of support to the army forces continued from the Al-Jafra base.

It is worth mentioning, the Libyan National Army announced last Wednesday that it had shot down a Turkish Al-Bago suicide plane, when it was trying to attack its units in the “Ain Zara and Alcazerma” axis, south of the capital Tripoli.

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