The scenario of ISIS brutality in the “Sinjar” is repeated in Afrin with the signature of Turkey and its factions

Selava Omar –

Violations by Turkey and the factions loyal to it in occupied Afrin are increasing day by day, as no one has escaped their evil, from stealing antiquities, to recruiting and blackmailing youth and children in order to send them to fight in Libya, to kidnapping and stealing crops, until they commit crimes against the Yezidis.

A Yazidi activist raised the sound loudly, appealing to the international community and warning of a new massacre under Turkish cover this time.

Ismail Murad, a famous Iraqi activist in the field of defending the rights of Yazidis who were subjected to something like genocide at the hands of ISIS after he entered their areas in Iraq in 2014, especially in Sinjar, said that “Yezidis in Afrin, Syria are subjected to a new genocide.”

He also affirmed that these factions had left dozens of families from their lands, confiscated the homes of the Yezidis, and turned them into barracks, headquarters, or prisons.

The executive director of the human rights organization Yazda in an interview with “Al-Arabiya” considered that “what happened in Sinjar in 2014 is repeated today in Afrin, where the Yezidis are forced to change their religion, and they are also subjected to the worst forms of abuse and displacement, just as ISIS did when invading Sinjar In Iraq, with a Yazidi majority, ”and committing a massacre of thousands, with the Yezidi Supreme Council announcing in August 2016 that 10,000 people were killed and 6 thousand women and girls raped in Syria and Iraq by ISIS.

He noted that many Yazidi families were displaced from northern Syria as a result of persecution and forced displacement.

He also indicated that “approximately 22 Yezidi villages were emptied with the entry of the Turkish army and mercenary groups.” The majority of the people of those areas in Syria were forced to leave their villages and go to camps set up south of Afrin, and from there many of them went to Lebanon and Iraq, confirming that there are more than 140 A family from Afrin only in Lebanon, escaped for fear of the oppression of the Turks and their mercenaries, while about 70 families fled to Iraq since the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

He added that a few families remained in Afrin in light of the direct threat to their lives.

He pointed out that “the Turks demolished a number of Yazidi shrines and places of worship in harmonious practices in terms of the policy of extermination and denial, with ISIS practices towards Yezidis in “Sinjar”.

He also considered that Turkey had taken possession of everything in Afrin, calling on the international community to intervene to protect northern Syria from the oppression of the Turks and their mercenaries, describing what is taking place as ethnic cleansing.

For his part, Ali Issa, director of the “Ezedina” Foundation, told Al-Arabia Network that “the number of Yezidis in Afrin prior to the Turkish invasion was estimated at 35 thousand people, but about 90% of the Yezidis were displaced outside of Afrin.”

He added that the violations against the Yezidis are numerous and persistent, including the deliberate killing of Yezidi civilians for extremist motives, and the widespread destruction of religious shrines, which exceed the number of 18 shrines distributed in the Afrin region, in addition to other violations of kidnapping and torture of women and physical and psychological abuse as well.

It is noteworthy that Turkey and the factions loyal to it launched an invasion of Afrin on January 20, 2018, as part of what it called at the time, “Operation Olive Branch”, through which it occupied Afrin after a heroic resistance by its people for 58 days.

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