The Turkish army and its loyal factions continue to excavate graves in Afrin

Selava Omar –

The city of Afrin is exposed to a wave of violations and unprecedented operations of obliteration of its landmarks by the Turkish army and the factions loyal to it within a plan designed to erase the features, history, roots and culture of the city in the endeavors of the demographic change that began since the occupation of the city on March 18, 2018, and the last of those violations was the settlement of the Turkish army The martyr “Rafeeq” cemetery in “Matina” village, in Afrin countryside, by with the aim of destroying and removing graves.

The Turkish armed forces have previously vandalized and destroyed a number of graves and subsequently turned them into a livestock market, which was considered an act inconsistent with the values ​​and violates the sanctity of the dead, including the cemetery (the martyr) Avista Khabour at the intersection of the village (Kafril) in Afrin. Where the Turkish forces destroyed all graves and extracted them with bulldozers, and they did not only transform the site of the cemetery into a livestock market, in order to offend the sanctity of the graves of the Kurds and the people in general, especially the cemetery of the martyrs. In the silence of their homes without the ability to condemn such a crime, which increases the record of Turkey and its pro-Syrian factions in human rights violations.

Since the Turkish forces took control of the Afrin region in Aleppo countryside, they have washed away many graves, religious shrines, cultural centers and archaeological sites belonging to Kurds, Yezidis and Christians alike, in an effort to obliterate the city’s original features, and remove its social, historical, and religious memory.

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