In video .. Jeffrey states: Any Turkish operation would be a violation of our agreement and at that time we will respond

Selava Omar –

Idlib faced an attack by the regime, with the support of Russia and Iran, to seize the last stronghold of pro-Turkish opposition factions in Syria since the end of last year.

Tensions rose dramatically in February after the Turkish army launched an offensive against the Syrian regime after an air strike killed 34 Turkish soldiers, before Turkey and Russia negotiated a ceasefire in early March.

However, the situation on the ground remains precarious and difficult to maintain the ceasefire, in light of repeated violations, at the same time, the conditions of the ongoing war and bombardment have led to the displacement of about one million Syrians to the Turkish border, and thus more than 3 million internally displaced people were pressured into Idlib and in a small border region next to Turkey.

Given the fragility of the ceasefire and the difficult circumstances of the Syrian refugees, Turkey has persistently called for assistance from the United States, the United States has generally excluded the idea of ​​direct military intervention in the Syrian civil war, and has pursued diplomatic and economic pressure on the regime and its allies to reach a political settlement By negotiation, and I have strongly criticized the regime’s attacks on civilians, and to move forward, a number of issues are being implemented from Turkey’s perspective, given Ankara’s security interests in maintaining observation posts and existing patrols in order to stop the escalation in Idlib, and Turkey also has an interest in maintaining a Opposition factions in the province, the elimination of radical groups and the creation of safe areas to prevent the flow of refugees to Turkey.

Through an online seminar on April 30th, he co-hosted the Atlantic Council in Turkey, the Rafic Hariri Center and the Middle East Programs, Amb and James Jeffrey, the Special Representative of the United States of America in Syria and the Special Envoy of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. And Ibrahim Kaleen, official spokesman for the Turkish Presidency, discussed the latest political, military and humanitarian situations in Idlib, US-Turkish relations, cooperation between the two countries regarding the future of the province, the solution of the war in Syria and the necessary measures that the international community needs to take to secure the lives of civilians in the province.

In his speech, Geoffrey stated, “ The negotiated ceasefire between Russia and Turkey to stop the fighting in the Syrian province of Idlib seems to be holding, and he stressed that any new Turkish operations would be in violation of the US-Turkish ceasefire agreement in October, and would be a flagrant violation To the agreement, and we will respond, “referring to the agreement that took place between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US Vice President Mike Pence in Ankara, in which Pence announced a cease-fire agreement, and the end of the Turkish military operation that was called the Spring of Peace and which occupied the two regions of Ras Al-Ain and Tel Abyad.

Although James Jeffrey’s statement was almost before month , the statement carries many messages to the Turkish side and the world, and also indicates the changes that have occurred in the American policy in Syria, and what is more important is that America is working to reassure the SDF that it will not be attacked by Turkey once else.

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