The US envoy: Iran now has increasing motives to withdraw from Syria, including the Corona virus

Laila Muhammed –

Brian Hook, the US special envoy on Iranian affairs, said that Iran has now increased its motives to withdraw from Syria, during an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, and Hook added that the United States has noticed a tactical withdrawal of Iranian forces in Syria.

Hook said that Tehran’s enthusiasm for proxy war across the Middle East may have decreased recently, especially with more than 7,000 people in Iran having died of the Corona virus so far, a figure that US officials believe may be much higher.

For her part, said US State Department spokeswoman, “Morgan Ortagos” that the goal of the maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime is to force him to act like any normal country, and to accept attendance for talks, stressing that the ball is now in Iran’s court.

In an interview with Iran International, Ortagos added that the United States wants the countries of the world concerned with human dignity to join the sanctions against the Iranian regime and not to tolerate it.

She added that the Iranian people should know that America is on its side and will continue to support it, and it will confront the Iranian regime whenever it witnesses a violation of human rights.

Translation: Selava Omar

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