Special – the Democratic Union Party reveals the position regarding the survival of the Kurdish Council within the coalition and confirms the lack of seriousness of the Russians and the regime in conducting talks

Sorkhin Resul –

Russia had mediated to start negotiations between the Syrian government and democratic self-administration in northeastern Syria, and the possibility of forming a supreme committee to discuss the law on local administration and the administrative structure of self-management, and several meetings and meetings were held between the two parties, including the declared one and the undeclared ones, but none of them yielded significant results. On the floor until the moment.

The talks between the two parties stopped without achieving any steps, and on that, Fawza Yusef, a member of the Presidency in the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said in an interview with the correspondent of “Xeber24” in response to a question, why did the talks stop between the self-administration and the Syrian regime in Damascus, Are the Russians not serious about concluding any agreement between the administration and the system, or are there American obstacles to preventing the agreement? Saying: “If we said that the talks were frozen at the moment, it could be a more accurate expression, I believe that the Russians and the regime, given their assessment of the political situation, are not ready to implement serious steps at this stage, and of course the Russians’ role is very important, because Russia has strong influence in Syria. It also had an important impact on the Syrian regime and could have played a crucial role in this regard, but it seems that their interests still contradict any serious understanding between self-administration and between Damascus. On the side of self-administration, there are no obstacles, and she was serious and persistent in finding a political and peaceful internal solution.

On the return of ISIS and whether they have any plans to confront this danger and put the relationship with the coalition countries led by the United States of America and France, Yusuf said: “Yes, ISIS began to get rid of the state of daziness, stating that it was suffering after its defeat in Al-Baghuz and Iraq, and the operations it carried out. In Iraq and Syria is evidence of that, of course, we said from the start that the areas were liberated from ISIS control, but this does not mean that ISIS has ended, and there is still a need for a joint alliance against ISIS, so the presence of the international coalition against ISIS is still maintaining Its importance, relationship and cooperation with them continues the Syrian democratic forces J this context. ”

She followed the fate of thousands of detainees and their families: The fate of 6 thousand detainees in the Islamic State and their families is an international issue that affects the entire world, but this great burden has been left to the self-administration there. It is of course efforts to try them here and with international cooperation, there is a response from some countries for their experience, But in practice they are prepared by self-administration and diplomatic efforts are continuing to achieve this thing, in addition to those mechanisms and intensive measures being developed against them in prisons despite the few possibilities that self-management possesses, but ISIS has been fighting With the international coalition, the international community must strengthen to lend a helping hand also for trial.”

On the fate of the rest of the Kurdish parties in Rojava, from the consultations between the PYD and the Kurdish National Council ENKS, Fwza Youssef revealed: “We, as the Democratic Union Party, have had a clear position since the initiative was launched by QSD, which is that there must be participation By all Kurdish parties, because Kurdish unity can not be achieved without the participation of other Kurdish parties. Therefore, in the second stage of the dialogue, the other parties will also participate, so that expatriates will be expanded, from 5 to 7 people, and from now on, the Democratic Union Party and the parties will participate. Other Kurdish in the name talks The Kurdish national unity parties, And which includes 25 Kurdish organizations, meaning that participation has expanded and is no longer limited to the Kurdish National Council and the Democratic Union Party.

Fawza Yusef, a member of the PYD’s presidential body, touched on the lands occupied by Turkey, saying: “The case of Afrin and Ras al-Ain and Tel Abyad is a national issue and cannot be relinquished in any way, as they are regions Occupied and must be liberated and the struggle for it will continue until its liberation and the return of its people. ”

On our question, will the council continue within the opposition Syrian coalition, Fawza Youssef said: “Whether or not the Kurdish National Council continues to belong to the Syrian coalition is up to him.”

Translation: Selava Omar

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