The Egyptian President affirms his country’s rejection of Turkish intervention in Libya

Laila Muhammed –

Many countries rejected the Turkish military intervention in Libya, considering that its interference complicates the situation, stokes the difference between the Libyan parties, and that it will prolong the conflict and hinder the political solution in Libya.

For his part, Egyptian President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi” confirmed on Tuesday that the stability of Libya is one of the determinants of Egyptian national security, and that Egypt “has not and will not tolerate terrorist groups and those who support them.”

During the meeting of the African Contact Group on Libya via “video conferencing” technology, Sisi stressed his country’s rejection of Turkish intervention in Libya by sending loyal groups and weapons to the African country, pointing to the need to reach a political solution to the crisis in a way that guarantees the sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity of Libya, and full support for the will Libyan people and their choices.

The League of Arab States had called, after an emergency meeting at the ambassadorial level, to “prevent foreign interference in Libya”, in a sign of Turkey’s intention to send troops to support the Saraj government, and Egypt was quick to condemn the Turkish parliament’s approval to send forces to Libya in the strongest terms.

Translation: Selava Omar

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