A settler in Afrin turns a religious shrine into a cattle shelter

Selava Omar –

Media sources reported that a “settler” in the city of Afrin, who fled to the city after Turkey took control of the city, transformed the “Qarnat Jarnah” shrine in the Sharan region into a “corridor” to house livestock, even after locals told him that this site is considered one of the “holy religious centers” They were visiting their fathers and grandfathers, and performing the rituals there.

The elements of the Sham Corps demolished the “Çêlxane” temple in the village of Qibar in the Afrin region, which is considered one of the religious centers of the Yazidis, on May 17 this year.

Most of the internally displaced people to the city of Afrin are indifferent to the customs, rituals, and traditions of its residents, most of them being hard-line by pro-Turkish armed opposition factions to persecute and attack the local population.

As Turkey’s repudiation of its responsibilities as an occupying country plays a major role in the armed groups loyal to them within the Syrian National Army committing more violations amid repeated calls to stop them, holding those involved in them accountable and releasing all detainees whose numbers exceed 3 thousand, some of whom were arrested two years ago, and not subject For any trials, they are not permitted to hire a lawyer and their families are not informed of their whereabouts.

Since the Turkish armed forces took control of the Afrin region of Aleppo countryside, they have washed away many graves, religious shrines, cultural centers and archaeological sites belonging to Kurds, Yazidis and Christians alike, in an effort to obliterate the city’s original features, and clear its social, historical, and religious memory. The graves were not spared from acts of sabotage, as the tomb of the mother of a Kurdish poet in the village of “Mamala” of Raju district was destroyed just for the writing phrases in the Kurdish language on them, in addition to destroying the tombs of the Kurdish Shrine Nuri Darsmi and his wife in the Hanan cemetery, in addition to destroying a cemetery in the Sheikh region Al-Hadid, and the destruction of a historical tomb dating back to the year 1636 AD, called “Al-Fawqania Cemetery” in the village of “Sinara”, where 650 of 1,000 villages from the village’s graves were washed away.

Source: Violations Documentation Center in Northern Syria

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