Amid a huge Turkish convoy entering Idlib … violent clashes between the regime and armed factions in Hama countryside

Hamid AL-Nasser –

Violent clashes took place between the Syrian regime forces on the one hand and armed factions on the other in Hama countryside, amid Turkey’s reinforcement of its military bases in Idlib.

A source familiar with the Hama countryside told “xeber24” reporter today, Tuesday, May 19 that the armed factions clashed with the Syrian regime forces on the axis of Al-Ankawi village in Sahel Al-Ghab area of ​​Hama countryside.

The source added that the clashes took place with light and medium weapons, resulting in deaths and injuries among the two parties.

At the level of Idlib Governorate, a huge Turkish military convoy entered the Kafrlossin border crossing, which includes dozens of vehicles, as it headed towards Idlib Governorate.

It is worth noting that this comes after Russian President “Vladimir Putin” and his Turkish counterpart, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan”, held phone conversations yesterday, focusing on issues of mutual interest and in particular the Syrian file.

Translation: Selava Omar

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