Turkey destabilizes regional security and sends more Syrian mercenaries to Libya bringing the number to 9,000

Sorkhin Resul –

The administration of the Turkish regime continues to send more Syrian mercenaries to Libya to fight alongside the Al-Wefaq government against the Libyan National Army, in addition to recruiting children under the age of 18 and sending them to the fronts of fighting, as documented and trusted Syrian human rights organizations working in the areas of the Syrian opposition.

The sources indicate that Turkey sent new batches of mercenaries to Libya, after hundreds of them were killed in the recent clashes in the vicinity of the capital, Tripoli.

A report by the Syrian Observatory said that new batches of hundreds of Syrian fighters arrived in Libya via Turkey, where they are expected to fight alongside the National Accord government against the “Libyan National Army” led by Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, bringing the number of mercenaries to 9,000.

The number of Syrian mercenary deaths has increased in Libya to 298, including 17 children under the age of 18, and human rights organizations have tended to exploit the poverty of these children and lure them with large sums of money.

It is worth noting that Turkey supports the government of reconciliation in Libya militarily and openly, by sending Syrian materiel and militants, as well as Turkish officers and advisers, to provide support and organize work, under the cover of a security agreement and military cooperation between the two countries that was signed in December last year in an exciting way Controversially, which enabled al-Wefaq forces to resist the attack by the Libyan army to liberate the capital Tripoli from armed militias, more than a year ago.

The European Union launched the “IRINI” process to monitor the prevention of arms flows to Libya, and Turkey is the only country that has intercepted the process as the only country affected by this process.

Turkey is transporting weapons and mercenaries to Libya for the benefit of the reconciliation government, and Erdogan has threatened that his country will interfere directly in Libyan affairs in the event of non-interference by the United Nations and describe France, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt as evil countries.

Translation: Selava Omar

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