The Turkish army and its factions kill two citizens at one of the checkpoints of the Ras AL-Ain region

Laila Muhammed –

Security chaos continue, and the looting, killing and kidnapping of civilians in some areas of northern occupied Syria, which are under the control of the Turkish state and the factions loyal to it, and the frequency of attacks and human rights violations committed in these areas escalate day after day.

In this regard, the Turkish army and its affiliated factions yesterday night Saturday killed two citizens at a checkpoint belonging to one of the factions in the village of Qashqa, which belongs to the Sri Kanye region.

It is noteworthy that the two citizens, each called “Muhammad Khidir Hussain, Dhiab Al-Ali,” were killed while they were coming from the city of Raqqa on their way to Ras AL-Ain last night, while the factions affiliated to Turkey shot at the checkpoint of Qeshqa village, which is affiliated to Ras AL-Ain area, what Resulted in the loss of their lives immediately.

Translation: Selava Omar

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