The Turkish army intentionally set fire to wheat fields in the lands of Ain Issa district

Beritan Tello –

In a crime that adds to a long list of crimes and violations, and coinciding with the start of the harvest season and for the second year in a row, the loyal factions of Ankara continue to commit all violations in all its heinous ways in northern and eastern Syria, causing fires in agricultural crops.

Today, Saturday morning, the Turkish army and the factions loyal to it set fire to wheat fields in the village of Mushairfa, east of Ain Issa district in north and east Syria.

These villages whose fields are on fire are completely adjacent to the villages under Turkish occupation in Ain Issa district.

It is worth noting that the violations of the Turkish occupation and its affiliated factions may continue in full swing against the civilians in the regions of northeastern Syria without any international or regional action that stops these practices that amount to war crimes.

Translation: Selava Omar

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