Dead and wounded in the Iraqi police ranks with two ISIS attacks in Iraq

Beritan Tello –

Today, Saturday, the ISIS terrorist organization launched two attacks against members of the Iraqi police, which resulted in the death of one member and the wounding of three others in the provinces of Kirkuk and Salahuddin.

Gunmen suspected of belonging to ISIS, were exposed to a police point in the Kasbah of “Yaiji”, south of Kirkuk, using silencer weapons, which led to the death of a commissioner called “Arkan Muhammad”.

Earlier, officials in Salah al-Din Governorate had issued urgent warnings and calls to the security authorities about the dangers of the security situation in several areas of the governorate, against the background of the recent attacks in southern Salah al-Din, which left a number of dead and wounded.

Another incident was reported in which two members of the tribal crowd were killed in an attack that targeted a security point for the crowd in the village of Shaqar in the outskirts of Muqdadiya, 40 km northeast of Baquba.

Translation: Selava Omar

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