The Belgian authorities thwart the delivery of drugs by plane to a “prisoner” in Belgium

Selava Omar –

Belgian authorities said that they thwarted the delivery of drugs by drone, on Thursday, to a prison in Brussels, after the Covid-19 pandemic forced the prison administration to suspend visits in Belgium.

The Belgian Prison Administration confirmed the information revealed by the local press.

“We confirm that our staff intercepted a drone over the yard of Forrest Prison,” said spokesperson Valerie Kalpo, adding that she did not remember a similar incident before.

The Belgian News Agency stated that the “drone” was overloaded, which contributed to the acceleration of its crash.

According to media sources, the prisoner who sent the drugs to him revealed his concern that he had not received the cannabis package that was to be reached, and he was transferred to another prison in Brussels and an investigation was opened with him.

According to the daily “La Derniere Or”, the circulation of drugs in prisons is common, and many institutions have warned of the danger of repeated use of drones.

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