After sending mercenaries to Libya, Turkey is trying to recruit the people of the area in Sri Kaneh, Ain Issa, and Tal Abyad

Brusk Hassen –

he leadership of the so-called military police established by Turkey in the areas “Tel Abyad , Ras AL-Ain and Ain Issa and Saluk” announced the opening of the door to volunteer for sums of money.

The areas occupied by Turkey in Syria are witnessing daily explosions, kidnappings and looting, as people fear their fate in these areas.

After Turkey sent thousands of Syrian mercenaries to Libya to fight the Libyan army, and the shortage of military personnel, the Military Police Command in the areas of “Tal Abyad, Saluk, and Ain Issa” announced their desire to recruit the residents of the region.

According to reports, Turkey will train the people of the region to conduct its affairs and maintain its bases scattered in the Syrian territories.

Turkey is trying to impose its occupation and control of the border areas in Syria, amid widespread corruption, chaos and insecurity, which are taking place under its gaze in order to displace the indigenous people of the region and resettle the families of the factions instead them.

Translation: Selava Omar

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