Fire kills 5 people in a hospital in Saint Petersburg in Russia

Selava Omar –

In a tragic accident, this morning, Tuesday, 5 people who were infected with corona virus and on respirators died after a fire broke out in St. George Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The fire broke out on the sixth floor of the hospital in the north of the city, in the red area of ​​the recovery department.

The local Interfax news agency, citing sources, said the fire may have been caused by a defect in the respirator, while the St. Petersburg police, Russia’s second largest city, launched a criminal investigation into the fire.

The Russian “TASS” agency stated that in the middle of March, Saint George’s Hospital was one of the city’s first fully rehabilitated hospitals, to convert it into an infectious disease hospital, while the epidemic was still under control in Russia.

This was not the first fire at a hospital dedicated to treating the Corona virus in Russia. A previous fire at the “Spasokokotsky” hospital in Moscow on Saturday killed one patient.

It is worth noting that the severity of the epidemic is increasing in Russia, although the death rate is still low, but the country records daily between 10 and 11 thousand new infections since the beginning of May, which makes it one of the countries most affected by the epidemic.

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