Afghanistan: 5 civilians killed in an attack on a medical center west of Kabul

Selava Omar –

An Afghan Interior Ministry source said today, Tuesday, that 5 civilians were killed and 4 others wounded in an attack by gunmen on an MSF medical center in the western part of the capital, Kabul.

The source pointed out, that gunmen attacked a center of “Doctors Without Borders” west of Kabul after a bombing at its entrance.

The source added to Reuters that the security forces were working to stop the attackers and that the Deputy Minister of Health might have been visiting the medical center at that time.

A doctor who escaped from the scene stated that the gunmen stormed the center amid a panic inside.

Local media had indicated that explosions were heard west of the Afghan capital, and it was not clear who was behind the attack.

It is worth noting that, last Friday, May 8, the Taliban movement killed a police chief and two others in a roadside bomb attack in “Khost” province in Afghanistan.

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