Erdogan’s loyalists enter the villages of Hama countryside and control the military points of the Syrian regime

Hamid AL-Naser –

Armed factions and terrorist organizations loyal to Erdogan carried out a violent attack on the positions of the Syrian regime forces stationed in Hama countryside, where they managed to penetrate into several villages and control military points.

In the same context, a source familiar with the Hama countryside told a reporter, “Xeber24”, today, Sunday, 10 May, that the armed factions and terrorist organizations that belong to a room called “and Haradh al-Mu’minin” managed to penetrate into several villages in Sahel al-Ghab in Hama countryside, after violent clashes with Syrian regime forces.

The source added that after carrying out a surprise attack, by the armed factions on the villages of Al-Manara and Tangarah in Sahel Al-Ghab, they managed to control several military points of the Syrian regime forces inside them, after the withdrawal of the last elements.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian north is witnessing a ceasefire agreement concluded between Turkey and Russia on the 5th of last March, as it stipulated the halting of the military operation on Idlib and the conduct of joint patrols on the “M4” road.

Translation: Selava Omar

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