The Libyan army shot down two Turkish march planes and destroyed the ammunition depot

Selava Omar –

The Libyan National Army shot down two Turkish Air Force planes, one near the “Al-Watiyah” base، The army also announced that its fighters launched a series of raids targeting a number of sites east of the city of Misurata. He added that the raids targeted the headquarters of pro-Turkish factions and armories.

In a statement, the Libyan army announced the destruction of a number of advanced Turkish ammunition and weapons stores, which were recently sent to the Al-Wefaq government, during bombing targeting its sites in the city of Misurata, on Friday morning, and downing two Turkish planes.

The statement pointed out that “these air operations are part of the Libyan army’s air force work, which is based on the implementation of a series of bombing operations that are still continuing at this moment in the locations of the reconciliation forces.”

On Tuesday, the Libyan army announced the disclosure of a drones room and weapons and ammunition depots in locations belonging to extremist militias in the city of Zawiya, which is less than 50 km from Tripoli in western Libya.

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