USA: not want Russia to withdraw from Syria

Laila Muhammed –

James Jeffrey, the US special envoy for Syria, said that the United States is not seeking to withdraw Russia from Syria.

Jeffrey’s words came during a press conference yesterday, Thursday: “As far as seeking to withdraw Russia from Syria, we have never pursued this goal. Russia has been there for 30 years and has long-term relations with Syria. We do not think this is a good thing for the region or Russia itself, but we do not follow such policies”.

He pointed out, however, that making major concessions to Russia regarding the Syrian settlement is unacceptable to the United States.

Jeffrey added that the United States seeks to return matters to what they were before the conflict, noting that this would lead to the withdrawal of all armed forces that entered Syria.

He continued: “In this regard, we are more concerned with the withdrawal of the Iranians and militias under the Iranian leadership.”

James Jeffrey, the American envoy to Syria, called earlier that all foreign forces that entered Syria in the wake of 2011 should leave the country, and this includes the American, Iranian and Turkish forces, and he indicated that a complete withdrawal from north and east Syria is not on the agenda now.

Translation: Selava Omar

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