Greek Foreign Minister: Turkey is setting a trap for us … and is following a catastrophic path towards Greece

Selava Omar –

Greek Foreign Minister “Nikos Dendias” stated that his country will not follow Turkey on a catastrophic path, stressing that neighboring Ankara is leading things towards a steady escalation that will not lead to positive results.

“We will not prepare the crisis with Turkey. It is a trap that Turkey has set for Greece,” Dundias said in a radio interview carried by the Greek News Agency.

He added: “We have an obligation to defend our national interests and national sovereignty, and not to allow Turkey to lead our relationship to a degree of escalation that leads us to militarize any dispute.”

He explained that fueling the differences with Turkey will not lead to a solution, but will lead to deterioration, stressing that “Greece reserves all rights to defend its national sphere”.

It is worth noting that relations between Greece and Turkey have been tense since 1975 due to the island of Cyprus divided between Ankara and Athens, in addition to Turkey’s repeated attempts to explore for gas in disputed waters.

The latest issue of the conflicts between the two countries was Turkey’s fueling the issue of illegal immigration and the dumping of thousands of migrants on the border with Greece, in an attempt to blackmail the European Union.

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