Experts talk about a threat to the world that is far worse than Corona

Hamid AL-Naser –

Now that the Corona Virus Crisis has affected millions of people around the world, climate experts have warned of the effects of climate change, describing it as much worse than the future Corona Virus after the crisis ends.

“We have seen the Corona virus epidemic as a threat for several months, but this will end and a vaccine and countermeasures will be developed and we will relatively return to normal a year from now, but in the event of climate change, it is different.”

According to “Minocal”, climate change will be a time bomb that calls for urgent attention, as it will negatively affect all aspects of human life, including the availability of fresh water and crop production.

It is worth mentioning that this coincides with the invasion of the Corona virus, most of the countries of the world, recording millions of infections.

Translation: Selava Omar

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