ISIS burns large areas of Kurdish peasant land south of Nineveh

Laila Muhammed –

On Tuesday evening, ISIS militants attacked an Iraqi army post between the village of “Ali Rush” and “QerataSur” in the “Qaraj” Valley, south of Nineveh Governorate. After confrontations with the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army, they burned cereal crops for Kurdish farmers.

Where the director of the headquarters of the National Union in Qarujikh “Ghazi Faisal” stated: ISIS militants launched an attack on one of the brigade’s 41 points in the Qaraj plain at the foot of “Qarajoukh” mountain.

“Ghazi” added that a number of volunteer “Peshmerga” fighters are stationed in the area and have cooperated with the Iraqi forces in responding to the attack.

The confrontations took an hour before the ISIS terrorist group was defeated, and despite the absence of any human losses, but ISIS militants set fire to the agricultural fields of the Kurdish peasants and burned large areas of land.

Translation: Selava Omar

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