Pro-Turkish factions share the property of indigenous civilians in Afrin “in pictures”

Laila Muhammed –

Terrorist factions loyal to the Turkish state continue to seize the property of the indigenous people remaining in Afrin by force of arms and coercion and disposing of them despite the presence of some of them without any religious, moral or legal deterrence.

In this context, the Afrin Post media network in “Jandrissah” district obtained a set of pictures showing the sharing of shops and homes by mercenaries.

To that, the network said that the director of the settler Afrin Water Company used the pro-Turkish factions to force citizens to pay their dues from the company bills, knowing that the tax is limited to the remaining Kurdish residents exclusively, while the settlers are exempted from paying the bills, under the pretext that they are displaced , And that the indigenous people of Afrin are residents.

It is worth noting that the organization called on the international community to intervene to stop the killing and displacement operations practiced by Turkey and the factions supported by them in Afrin, as these actions contradict the principles and purposes of the United Nations and international law.

Translation: Selava Omar

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