James Jeffrey calls on all foreign forces to withdraw from Syria

Beritan Tello –

Today, Saturday, the American envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, called that all foreign forces that entered Syria in the aftermath of 2011 should leave the country, and this includes the American, Iranian and Turkish forces, and he pointed out that a complete withdrawal from northern and eastern Syria is not on the agenda now.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Jeffrey said that Iran “has established a foothold in the Syrian state and society,” noting that the Arab states “will not be in harmony with (President Bashar) Assad.” They can claim that they are able to distance it, without the Iranian orbit, but I see that this is absolutely not possible.

In response to a question about his country’s position on Tel Aviv’s announcement of its transition from “containing Iran to the stage of its exit from Syria”, he answered that Washington supports “in every way possible”, diplomatically and logistically, Israeli raids on “Iranian sites”, pointing to the need for all forces to leave Foreigner from Syria, which did not exist before 2011, with the exception of Russian.

In a related context, Jeffrey stressed that his country will continue to impose sanctions on Damascus, and “we support sanctions on the Syrian regime until it accepts a political solution,” explaining: “Economic sanctions make the situation worse for the circle of people very close to the head of the regime, and this is what we are trying to reach.” We always want to make it clear to these personalities that there is no clear future for them if they continue to support and support Assad, and they are encouraged to press for a political transition. ”

He pointed out that the Russian media campaign against Damascus is evidence that Moscow is also aware of “what kind of allies are loyal to it in Syria.”

Source: Alsharq Al-awsat Newspaper

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