Unknown shells target the largest military warehouses of the Syrian regime

Hamid Al-Naser –

A group of unidentified gunmen targeted several mortar shells, an ammunition depot in eastern Homs governorate, central Syria.

And our reporter in Homs said today, Friday, that mortar shells fired by unidentified gunmen targeted the warehouse of Hassan bin Al-Haytham on Tadmur Road, east of Homs, which is considered one of the largest military warehouses of the regime forces.

The reporter added that the targeting caused the explosion of rockets and ammunition belonging to the Syrian regime forces inside the mentioned warehouse.

And The reporter pointed out that the explosion caused great damage to buildings and homes, as the “Maysaloon” elementary school in the same area was badly damaged, in addition to wounding about 15 civilians, most of them in critical condition, where they were transferred to Homs Hospitals.

In the same context, the governor of Homs, “Anas Barazi,” said that an attack on a military site of the regime forces east of Homs, whose nature was unknown, led to explosions and the withdrawal of columns of smoke, according to the site. The official news agency SANA.

It is noteworthy that there are cells in the Syrian Badia region near the targeting area, cells of ISIS, which launched several attacks on areas of the regime forces in the region, in addition to targeting tires for Iranian forces in the region.

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