Independent newspaper: WHO faces accusations of risking the lives of people in northeastern Syria

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net

The British newspaper “The Independent” reported that the World Health Organization has been criticized for its surrender to the governments of China and Russia instead of protecting lives in northern and eastern Syria in light of the Corona epidemic, after it canceled a direct call to reopen a major aid crossing point in northeastern Syria.

A draft WHO memo reviewed by members of the UN Security Council, aid organizations working with the United Nations want the Security Council to urgently allow the use of an Iraqi border crossing with Syria again to deliver supplies to help combat the Corona virus epidemic.

However, an updated version of the memo, dated Tuesday, omitted the direct appeal to reopen the “Al-Yarubia” crossing, nearly four months after its use in UN operations was interrupted due to opposition from Russia and China.

The move raises the possibility of fueling the United Nations, as it allows itself to be affected by some countries.

It is worth noting that over the past six years, the Security Council authorized the delivery of aid through this vital entry point, but it dropped its approval in January due to Russia’s opposition.

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