Turkey continues to send Syrian mercenaries to Yemen and Libya and horrific pictures of the bodies of Erdogan’s loyalists in Tripoli

Selava Omar –

Field sources reported that the Turkish-backed elements continued to flow into Libyan and Yemeni lands to participate in the battles there.

She pointed out that large groups of elements of the so-called “Syrian National Army” entered Turkish territory, arrived at the “Gaziantep” airport, then went to Istanbul airport to go to Libyan territory, to participate in the battles with the forces of the National Accord Government against the Libyan National Army.

Field information indicates close cooperation between the “Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham” with Turkey in facilitating the transportation of fighters into Syrian territory and their transfer to Turkish territory for dispatch to Libya.

In this context, sources inside occupied Afrin from the “Gendrisa” area of Afrin city said that the Turkish intelligence services are demanding that their factions open a registration door for those wishing to go to Yemen to fight alongside the Houthis against Yemeni forces, and the sources confirmed that they had sent a group of militants to Yemen to support the Houthis at earlier times.

In the same context, the bodies of the elements of the factions coming from the Libyan lands are still arriving in the occupied cities, where local sources reported from the city of Afrin that the bodies of a number of elements arrived and were buried in village of “Kutama” while the body of a leader in the “Hamzat” faction reached the town of “Atma” Idlib countryside, where he was buried there.

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