Extremist factions loyal to Ankara commit atrocities in the Kurdish city of Afrin

Selava Omar –

The factions loyal to Ankara continue to carry out more arrests the civilians, with increased rates of violence, crime, and kidnapping in the Afrin region and all areas controlled by Turkish forces in northern Syria.

And Turkish forces and their factions continue to commit violations against civilians from daily arrests, and kidnapping of citizens, and prevent their relatives from knowing their whereabouts.

As of April 1, 2020, the Afrin region witnessed the arrest of (60) people, in addition to the daily organized looting, taking over people’s homes and properties, olive seasons, logging, etc., in addition to daily arbitrary arrests, and kidnapping people as hostages in exchange for financial ransom, and imposing Restrictions on the population, which is a deliberate Turkish policy, but takes place in the hands of “Syrian armed factions” under the name “Syrian National Army” supported by Ankara, where all this happens before the eyes and participation of the Turkish forces.

It is worth noting that the Turkish state, with the help of its loyal factions, has occupied Afrin since March 18, 2018.

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