In the time of Corona … nature regains its rights during the period of isolation of humans

Selava Omar –

For fifteen days, billions around the world underwent algebraic isolation imposed on them as a result of the spread of the new Corona epidemic that has claimed thousands of lives in various countries of the world, and which is transmitted through infection through mixing.

In the face of this sudden human disappearance, nature decided to restore its rights, just as animals wanted to return the land to their grips, where they would go out and walk around in a comfortable way.

In the early days of local isolation, residents of major cities began again to hear birds singing, as wild boars were seen lying in the streets of Barcelona, ​​and in Paris a group of ducks were seen wandering on a picnic near the French theater, and dolphins gathered in the Mediterranean.

As if wild animals and plants took advantage of this opportunity, as if they wanted to prove that pollution and all that harms the planet is a human creation.

And the “National Geographic” magazine revealed that Corona virus saved the planet after what was about to be a disaster due to carbon dioxide emissions resulting from factory smoke, car and aircraft exhausts, and human aggression on the environment.

The newspaper pointed out that the Earth breathed a great deal after the movement stopped in most countries of the world, especially the industrial ones, and that the ozone hole has healed over Antarctica and the air has improved in 337 cities in the world.

Despite the catastrophe this epidemic has brought to man, affecting two and a half million people, more than 171,000 have died, but it appears that its spread has had a positive impact on nature.

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