The Syrian government removes isolation from the town of “Ain Minin” in Damascus countryside

Laila Muhammed –

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health in the Syrian government lifted the quarantine that it had imposed on the town of “Ain Minin” in the countryside of Damascus after registering a death in the Corona virus in it at the beginning of this month.

Local sources in the town confirmed that the Damascus countryside governorate and the Ministry of Health had decided to lift the isolation imposed on the town.

Media sources added that the barriers placed on the entrances to the town have been removed, and the decision came after the town was free of new casualties since that date.

The sources pointed out that the commitment to the stone witnessed some violations, but it was generally accepted, and it is thanks to the absence of new injuries in the first place, for the medical team, which was following the people quarantined and followed up all cases.

Note that the total number of Corona infections in the country reached 42 infections and three deaths, while eleven patients were cured.

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