The Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan region records a new infection with the Corona virus within 12 days

Beritan Tello –

After the spread of the “Corona” virus around the world, which led to several infections, deaths and recovery, some of them, the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region announced a decision to ban the complete roaming to prevent the spread of the new “Corona” virus, despite the precautionary measures and preventive measures taken by the Kurdistan region, except It recorded a large number of injuries and deaths.

The Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region announced on Friday that it had recorded one case in Erbil, bringing the number of cases at the regional level to 344 cases.

This infection comes to break the achievements of Erbil, by freeing it from new infections with the Corona virus since April 12, for 12 consecutive days.

It is worth mentioning, according to daily records, that the number of cases of recovering from the Corona virus after receiving treatment and medical care amounted to 317 cases, while 4 people died since the outbreak of the epidemic, while the remaining cases, which number 23 cases, are under continuous medical care.

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