“Badran Çia Kurd” through “Xeber24” responds to Turkey’s allegations and clarifies the status of the relationship with Russia, America, the Syrian regime, and the Kurdish Kurdish agreement “video”

Dialogue: Sorxin Resul
Prepare: Ahmad Shehab –

The Middle East political scene is witnessing rapid developments, amid differences that affect the relations of various countries, whether influential or regionally concerned, including the areas of self-administration, which is one of the hot parts of the geography of Syria, where Turkey lurks its ambitions and fortify American and Russian forces as well as Iranian, to Besides the existence of different factions, but in the end all of them are linked to Turkey.

To shed light on the latest developments in the situation in Syria in general, northern and eastern Syria in particular, “democratic self-management areas”, “Xeber24” held a long dialogue with the joint deputy chairman of the Executive Council for Self-Management in northern and eastern Syria, “Badran Çia Kurd”, during which he clarified the conditions of the relationship with America and Russia and the authority of Also highlighting the status of negotiations with the regime.

In response to a question that Turkey has witnessed unprecedented diplomatic activity in recent times, what lies behind Erdogan’s and Trump’s communication, then Putin and then a meeting of the guarantor countries of the Astana agreement and then a telephone call that brought Rouhani and Erdogan together? The Turkish state faces many difficulties, in the political and economic aspects, in addition to the worsening of its relations with neighboring countries, and it is clear that Erdogan and unlike other countries, which are trying to focus all efforts on containing the Corona epidemic that has spread throughout the world, are trying to employ these The crisis in politics Where he tries to achieve political gains and goals, In addition to improving diplomatic relations with some countries, as a result of internal pressures, whether political or major economic pressures or internal disputes within the administration.

And he indicates “The AKP policy in the face of the Corona virus is futile, and it has shown its inability to contain this virus, which has made the AKP a subject of intense criticism by opposition parties inside Turkey, and put great pressure on Erdogan’s government, so he wants to reduce internal pressure, by exploiting a crisis Corona and the sympathy of the Turkish public his administration through humanitarian aid.

And he stated, “A country like Turkey has enormous economic resources, and it has made clear that it has not taken any meaningful measures in the face of the Corona crisis, and this has increased the people’s discontent with the AKP administration.”

And “Çia Kurd” responded to the question of the Astana meeting, and said: “Two days ago, the Astana meeting, which brought together the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran, took place on television, we can do this as follows: The Astana meetings no longer have any meaning, their validity has expired, and the events that On the ground, they are the opposite of the agreements and decisions reached in these meetings, whether by Russia and the regime, Iran or Turkey, there is no longer any connection with the Astana agreements”.

He explained, “What is understood from these agreements, by these countries that have economic problems, is to put pressure on America or self-management, and other parties until they get additional gains.”

He continued, “With our convictions, that this procedure by Russia, Turkey and Iran is to convert the mechanism of the Astana meetings, which were essentially military, into a political mechanism, so that in the future if political understandings and political developments take place on the Syrian scene, they can color it with the political understandings that they reached. To it in Astana, especially what happened to the Constitution Drafting Committee, which is formed by the opposition and the Syrian regime, they wanted it to revolve in the orbit of the understandings that took place in Astana, and that the constitution be drafted under the influence of these understandings.

And “Çia Kurd” noted, “I want to say in the end regarding Astana, that the most affected of them are us, because the agreements that were obtained were against us, as it was agreed at the last meeting two days ago, in close cooperation against terrorism, more broadly than before, and in terms of defining terrorism. It is a loose term from the views of the three countries, because each country defines terrorism according to its concept and interests, and Turkey always seeks to win new partners for it against us, and of course Russia and Iran’s definition of terrorism includes factions of the Al-Nusra Front, ISIS and other related groups in Idlib, so we have reservations on Great levels, because Turkey can take advantage For these meetings, according to their interests against us so we must be vigilant”.

And “Çia Kurd” added, “Military operations, attack and fighting and plans to end the existence of our people, are always present in Turkish accounts and plans, because the ruling regime in Turkey, especially the agreement between the AKP and the MHP, was based on ending and demolishing our gains in northern and eastern Syria, northern Turkey or southern Kurdistan, and on this basis the agreements are concluded and developed.

And he explained that, “When did Turkey find the right opportunity, and when did you find that a major country like Russia or America cooperated with it, as it did in Afrin where Russia cooperated with it, and as happened in Sri Kanye, America cooperated with it, it will without hesitation continue to attack us. ”

He stated, in fact, that we want to say in this field: “Turkey seeks behind the plans of the Ottoman Empire, which in its history was able to constitute an empire and dangerous for the whole world , and everyone knows that in World War1 , Turkey allied with Nazi Germany, against the world from Russia to America and the European countries that stood against it, in fact, if Turkey was given an opportunity to expand its influence in the region and it is with this mentality , it will be just like the Ottoman state, which posed a great threat to stability and global security at the beginning of the twentieth century, Turkey will play the same role, and the risk will be exacerbated moreLi global security and stability”.

He explained, “We see that Turkey is always allied with radical and extremist terrorist groups, such as ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front and similar groups, which he described as” Islamic fascism “, and in this way the Turkish state turns into forces that threaten stability and global security, and this will turn into a great and serious danger. All over the world, terrorism that has spread to the world will spread more and more powerful than Turkey.

And on the status of relations with Russia and America now in the east of the Euphrates? Jia Kord explained, “We, as a self-administration, have positive communications with Russia and America, and we are in permanent contact with them, and we deal with Russia militarily, especially after a secret war, and Russia then tried to mediate between us and the Syrian government for a military agreement, but until now nothing has happened or We are still in contact for understanding, and on this basis we deal with Russia, and we agreed with the Syrian army who are now along the borders with Turkey, present to protect the Syrian geography from the attacks of the Turkish state and the terrorists loyal to it, also we agreed that the SDF will withdraw for 30 Kilometers, and we are committed to these machines He outnumbered Turkey and Russia.

“Badran Çia” responded to Turkey’s statements and its return to talk again about East Euphrates, the failure of the YPG to withdraw from the border and on the possibility of whether Turkey is preparing for a new military action? They said, “Turkey always claims that SDF has not withdrawn, but this talk is a shame about health, and takes it as an excuse, in order to increase its attacks and occupy other regions, and we are about that in constant contact with Russia, and Russia is working to reach a political solution between the Syrian government and SDF, and so far Nothing positive has happened. ”

And he responded to Turkey’s statements and its return to talk again about East Euphrates, the failure of the YPG to withdraw from the border and on the possibility of whether Turkey is preparing for a new military action? They said, “Turkey always claims that SDF has not withdrawn, but this talk is a shame about health, and takes it as an excuse, in order to increase its attacks and occupy other regions, and we are about that in constant contact with Russia, and Russia is working to reach a political solution between the Syrian government and SDF, and so far Nothing positive has happened. ”

“Badran Çia” pointed to the mentality that Damascus adheres to until now, despite the lapse of 9 years of the crisis that destroyed Syria and is still considering ways of liquidation, and still revolves in an unrealistic orbit, and everything that Bashar al-Assad declares, does not indicate knowledge and aims at sedition.

As for America and the international alliance, “After the Battle of Sri Kanye, relations were shaken and damaged a little bit, but on the one hand some groups in America, the Senate and the Pentagon have criticized that a lot, and currently after retreating our relations continue at higher levels, and the partnership that existed between SDF The international alliance at all levels is still continuing, and joint military operations against ISIS are still ongoing.

Regarding the unity of the Kurdish class and the initiative of the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces that he launched a while ago and the relationship with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Jia Kurd said, “We are now in the 21st century, and this century is for the Kurdish people a historic opportunity, because the opportunity of the Kurdish issue in all parts of Kurdistan goes in the right direction And the Kurdish question is present in all discussions and negotiations. We, the Kurds, must take advantage of these opportunities, serve our people, and all parties must unite and throw personal differences aside. At this stage, we must work only for them”.

He continued by saying, “Now the Turkish state is considered the center of the anti-Kurdish policy and its cause in all parts of Kurdistan, and whoever works against the Kurdish issue, it turns out that Turkey is behind it, Turkey always tries to thwart any Kurdish Kurdish rapprochement and tries to ignite the dispute and internal fighting between the Kurdish people, An example now in the region of Warti and Zinni is tension between the National Union and the Party and the Workers Party, and we know that the Turkish state is the one behind the formation of these tensions, and if there are problems there in the Kurdistan region, it will be reflected on the situation in Rojava as well and there will be problems between the Kurdish parties, and will be affected SDF political initiative for and Kurdish intensity, and the Turkish state is trying very much to thwart this initiative.

And, “Çia Kurd” pointed out that “the Turkish state wants to reactivate the Lausanne agreement but not for itself, but for the sake of erasing the Kurds, and it wants to occupy all neighboring countries and build an empire for them. We, as Kurdish forces, need to be a party to national issues, and there must be agreements and contacts Between the two parties, they need to know that the Turkish state plays an essential role in hindering the completion of the unity of the Kurdish rank, and in the end I hope that they keep calm and lack tension there. ”

He noted, “For this reason, Turkey wants to follow the Ottoman Empire, how the Ottoman Empire weakened the Kurds through internal fighting, and then imposed its authority on it. It is trying in southern Kurdistan to create differences and conflicts between the Kurds so that it can establish and consolidate its presence in southern Kurdistan. ”

And he stated that, “Essentially since 1995, the Turkish state established 19 military bases there and established its presence. Of course, as it becomes clear, there is dissatisfaction with the Turkish presence by the residents of the region and some political parties. Kurdish and political parties there, and they are thus developing their projects and agendas there”.

“Çia Kurd” called Kurdish parties to be vigilant and not to fall into the trap of Turkish politics that are trying to confront us together in order to eliminate us.

He expressed his regret, saying: The statement issued by Mr. “Negervan Barzani” was not good and was not in the interest of the Kurdish people, and that the supreme interest of the Kurdish people in all its spectrum should be taken as a basis for this, and whatever happens, we should not give legitimacy to the Turkish occupation’s attack on Makhmour camp and the mountains of protection Medically, we must not accept the legitimacy of the Turkish occupation’s attack on the pretext of a military force there.

This is explained by “Çia Kurd”, that “the reactions of our people in western and southern Kurdistan and other regions against Turkey’s positions and this tension is a responsible and meaningful response and evaluation, and we thank everyone, and these responses must evolve in order to put pressure on the political side, in order to Avoid infighting. ”

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