Violations Documentation Center: The Turkish occupation continues demographic changes in Afrin and northern Syria

Selava Omar –

The Violations Documentation Center in northern Syria reported that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries kidnapped 96 civilians during March and April, in addition to killing 4 people, including two elderly people.

Sources said that the factions loyal to the Turkish occupation, since the first of March to the present day, kidnapped 96 civilians from the people of Afrin, including 4 women and 4 people, and cut 6000 olive trees. It was cut in the village of Deir Ballut in the district of Jendriya, and excavation of archeology in “Tel Andalib”, in the village of Esther in the city of “Afrin”.

And the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are seeking to bring about a demographic change in Afrin since its occupation to this day amid the silence of international public opinion.

Turkey occupied the city of Afrin on 18/03/2018, in a broad military operation that participated with all its strength and capabilities and lasted for more than two months and all Syrian opposition factions affiliated with the Syrian opposition coalition, of which the Kurdish National Council is an essential part, participated.

The city of Afrin witnessed a wide demographic change, and it abandoned its indigenous people and settled in their place the families of the elements of the pro-Turkey factions, their homes and shops were seized and they were displaced to Al-Shahba.

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