The Star Conference: Condemns the Turkish occupation’s killing of three women in Makhmur

Beritan Tello –

The coordinator of the Star Conference issued, today, Thursday, a written statement regarding the recent developments in Bashur Kurdistan, “Southern Kurdistan”, in particular the latest developments in the Zina and Warti region. He initially condemned the Turkish occupation’s killing of three women in Makhmour camp, as well as the killing of civilians in Zina’s Warti and the elderly woman in Afrin, and pointed out that these practices clearly show the intentions of the Turkish state to eliminate the Kurdish people.

The statement added, “It is clear that these events target the values ​​of the Kurdish people in the near and long term, and if no end to these endeavors is made, this will enhance the state of the occupation in all parts of southern Kurdistan that opened its doors to the Turkish state in the nineties, and that this will It places our people and all the forces fighting for freedom in a very difficult and dangerous situation, which prepares the Kurdish people not to tolerate this attack. ”

The statement pointed out “his concern about the totality of these events and developments in southern Kurdistan, and called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Workers Party to reach common formulas, and promote political dialogue in order to solve all problems, and called for the defense of” the values ​​of the Kurdish people That have been achieved through thousands of martyrs.

“In this context, we appeal to the Kurdistan Democratic Party to take lessons and lessons from the village protectors system established by the Turkish state in northern Kurdistan, and we demand the Democratic Party to be fit with the values ​​that the Kurdish people have acquired during a bitter struggle for 150 years, in accordance with the sacrifices of tens of thousands of The martyrs, and avoiding the behavior that leads to fraternal fighting. ”

He appealed in the statement, “All the Kurdish patriots, democrats, leftists, socialists, intellectuals, artists, women’s movements, civil society, heads of clans and notables, not to stand idly by regarding these developments that are heading towards fraternal fighting, and to escalate their struggle in this field.”

The statement saluted the position of the people of southern Kurdistan, and called for the expansion of these protests, and in particular called for women of southern Kurdistan to lead the stage of resistance against the endeavors of the Turkish occupation.

The statement concluded by saying, “We appeal to all Kurdish forces, by exposing the genocidal policies practiced by the Turkish occupation state, which hinder the achievement of Kurdish unity, and the escalation of the organized struggle in the face of these policies.”

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